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Cloak and Secure
with hybrid PCQ crypto agile software crypto module

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Using Shor’s algorithm, Quantum computers will decrypt data encrypted with asymmetric algorithms (RSA, Elliptic Curve). Your data is no longer safe. Important long-life data is being stolen by bad actors today to be decrypted tomorrow (steal now, decrypt later attacks) when they get their hands on cryptographically relevant quantum computers.


Patero’s CryptoQoR is a highly efficient crypto-agile software that generates quantum-safe public-private key pairs using NIST post-quantum cryptographic methods. CryptoQoR will also negotiate and generate quantum-safe symmetric keys for standard applications. 


CryptoQoR provides end-to-end, hybrid post-quantum encrypted communication channels leveraging kernel-based multithreaded encryption. Patero's high-performance, low latency, quantum-safe connectivity protects data-in-motion, retaining traditional encryption protection as the efficacy and resilience of quantum-resistant encryption evolve.


Patero CryptoQoR™ crypto module is crypto agile. It supports multiple NIST PQC algorithms, allowing for the selection of user-preferred algorithms (depending on the level of cryptographic security desired) and in situ addition or replacement of quantum-resistant algorithms without product recall, equipment replacement, or network interruption.

Qorsight is the centralized management plane for provisioning CryptoQoR at scale, updating and managing QoR-protected zero trust endpoints, and leveraging QoR's crypto agility to upgrade algorithms.

PanoQoRTM automates

cryptographic inventory and

quantum risk assessment

The US Government is driving security upgrades that include post-quantum cryptographic migration.  To start the migration process, NIST recommends conducting cryptographic inventories and risk assessments.

PanoQoR combines network scanning with analytic capabilities to help organizations structure  cryptographic migration strategies through a data-driven framework.  PanoQoR technologies enable:

  • Complete inventory of  cryptography algorithms within specified domains without taxing current staff

  • Accelerated compliance with  government mandates and directives

  • Alignment of cryptographic  migration strategy with organizational risk and priorities

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CryptoQoR endpoints don't trust just any other network endpoint. They will ignore incoming requests – unless from another Patero-protected endpoint. Only trusted endpoints that present authentication – including quantum-algorithm key material, will be allowed to establish a quantum-safe channel. 

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